MMA News: Gina Carano Drunk, Couture Threatened!

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pixel MMA News: Gina Carano Drunk, Couture Threatened!

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  • Oh come on get a grip! She’s a young girl, she trains harder in a week than most of us do in a year…give the girl a break. So what if she wants to get drunk and party…..shes prooves shes totally dedicated to her chosen career every time she steps into the Octagon! To comments stating “she beats people up for a living”…..No she doesnt and thats a very short sighed comment!! She trains incredibly hard and professionally fights oponants who train equally hard.

  • It’s unbelievable people are trying to set social standards on a person who beats people for a living.

  • @bob2012isfake ex wife or not if a dude threatens a woman and you are a dude you should have a problem wtih that. if you are a dude who so happens to be a ufc champion in 2 weight classes and she is the mother of one of your children….well timmy should chill out

  • OMG she had a few drinks and had a good time…. Shocking!

  • @visduke I agree!

  • honestly this would be much more entertaining if the girl at the start and end would have said everything in between

  • mike brown got the job done

  • who the fuck would threaten a family that could kick the living shit out of anyone? The couture wife could probably beat that guys ass herself. Forget about Randy and his son.

  • what is this trash?
    somebody murder this guy already…

  • Wow, this is like TMZ for MMA. This should not exist

  • randys nt married to kim anymore but she kept his name wierd and who said gina drunk

  • @Robert95437 its a wrong place to look for a co###k, its a sport page

  • I think this guy , commentator, needs to lose some weight. Its a shame how this out of shape fattie comments on active sports. Start with yourself first, you, cakelover

  • gina carano is bi sexual i think…

  • I love woman that does fighting its a proof that they have guts

  • Hey Gina can come get drunk with me any time of the day, and roll around… long as she dont choke me out, and R.Couture’s wife is scared? Shes married to one of the DANGEROUS MAN ON THE PLANET!!! Let Randy go talk to that A@@ Hole, take any weapon away, and pound his PUNK A@@ INTO THE GROUND!!!!!

  • I would get drunk with her. :)

  • thats a smart thing to do kim ,see its like I always tell you people thier human just like us ,threats scare them just like they would scare you ,and as for randy ,who you think told her to get the restraining order ,cause in thering randy knows who his enemy is hes facing him ,but not knowing when this guy will strike at her or him maybe even wit a gun ,she did a wise thing to protect herself,that fighting in the ring people ,but hell this is real life okay

  • dave farra is a smoking junky
    just look at hes eyes

  • Good Girl.*thumbs up*

  • Well, she looked pretty damn good rollin with her drunk buddies. Her bein’ drunk just gives guys a chance to get in her pance. LOL I wanna get her drunk. Sure won’t piss her off though.

  • they be divorced, arrrh! :)

  • The”zipper” sound at 1:45

  • lol, kim, ur husband is randy couture, dont worry about that beard guy

  • 0.0 I wish more ppl were like u…. If u hadn’t guessed, I agree whole-heartedly :)

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